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Notun Pran (2011)


This year the Theme of my album is “NEW”.  The motivation of doing something new is not without the risk of losing one’s way and drifting towards deviations. One question that one needs to answer is, is something ‘new’ really necessary every time one embarks on a project?

Possibly not, but in keeping with the recent trends of contemporizing Rabindrasangeet and making it ‘appropriate’ for the modern times, I decided to take the plunge, in my own humble way.

This album looks at ‘New’ as an idea rather than a mere superficial experimentation with new musical instruments. The album explores the idea that Tagore never endorsed stagnation as a philosophy of life. He is almost a rebel at times, a feature that we do not always associate with Rabindranath. However when rebellion becomes just a fashion, it loses its whole purpose.

This album contains some of Tagore’s best and most mature writings, from his poems and plays along with songs. I have tried to take the audience on a tour of ‘New’, trying to look at it from numerous perspectives.

The highest point of the album is possibly the use of transposition, which is a western concept we are all so familiar with when listening to immortal western popular numbers, but is something that has probably never been tried in Rabindrasangeet. I have tried to use it here with all its flamboyance to create the effect of the profusion of life force. I hope the audience will enjoy it and appreciate its relevance as much as I do.

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