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Nuton o Sanatan - 2 (2012)













This album comes as a sequel to its predecessor “Nuton o Shonaton Rabindranath” that hit stores in 2010. The success of the prequel motivated both the company and me to come up with the part 2. By God’s grace and thanks to audience response, the first lot sold out within a few days of its publication!












I personally enjoyed the making of this album more and consider it a proper step ahead. I have tried to keep a balance between the traditional and the contemporary, fusion and the pristine. Prattyush Banerjee and his team of wonderful musicians deserve special mention. The sound scape has been one of the best I have heard in recent times.












I have tried to explore some very interesting avenues in this CD. Fusing a traditional bandish with a comic song of Tagore, my own Khayal-styled compositions based on Rabindrasangeet- portraying a Raga as was interpreted by Tagore, bringing together Meera Bai and Rabindranath, two spiritualists centuries apart, but united in their love and total submission for God. In keeping with the title of the album, the experimental is juxtaposed with traditional presentations as well. 








Musically yours’




























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