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TIMES MUSIC published “Nuton O Sonaton Rabindranath” in 2010. Young singer Sounak Chattopadhyay was asked to create something unique and new with Ragas and Rabindrasangeet, yet strike a balance between tradition and innovation.  


Sounak chose the name - “Nuton o Sonaton”, a quatrain of Rabindranath, as the title of his new album showcasing some compositions of Rabindranath Tagore in juxtaposition with traditional and self created classical bandishes derived from popular Tagore songs. Two years later in June 2012, the sequel of this album was released by the same music company - Times Music.


This year, in 2014, in a rather rare departure in general predictable audio publication trends, the third part of this series has been released, again by Times music. This time Rabindranath has also been joined by his more revolutionary fellow poet/ composer - Nazrul.


Nuton O Sonaton is not just a fusion album of Rabindrasangeet aimed at jazzing up Tagore in desperation to win over modern day audiences. It is very much an experiment with classical music also. In each of the three albums Sounak has sung two of his own compositions, which do not belong to the existing classification of traditional Indian Ragas, but have been derived from a Rabindrasangeet. This still remains the only example of such a derivation and a Raga-Rabindranath connection in vocal music till date.